About Shelly Bryant

IMG_4246 - Version 2Shelly Bryant
 divides her year between Shanghai and Singapore, working as a writer, researcher, and translator. She is the author of  eight volumes of poetry, Cyborg ChimeraUnder the Ash, Voices of the Elders, Harps Upon Willows, The Lined Palm, Pine the Passing, Numina, and Unnatural Selection, and two travel guides, one to the city of Suzhou entitled Suzhou Basics, and another co-authored with Nick Land and Lily Sun, entitled Open Door Guide to Shanghai.  She translated Sheng Keyi’s novels Northern Girls and Fields of White for Penguin Books, and Death Fugue for Giramondo Press, Chew Kok Chang’s short story collection Other Cities, Other Lives and You Jin’s A Life in Words, Mum is Where the Heart is, and In Time, Out of Place for Epigram Books in Singapore, and Li Na’s memoir, My Life, for Penguin Books. She also edited a collection of speculative poetry, A Demon in My View, and a haiku anthology, Equatorial Calm.  Her poetry has appeared in journals, magazines, and websites around the world, as well as in several art exhibitions, including dark ’til dawn, Things Disappear, and Studio White • Exhibition 2011.

Shelly’s upcoming works include a book on Chinese gardens for the RAS monograph series (in conjunction with Hong Kong University Press) and a memoir by You Jin.

Her poetry collections are available at the Alban Lake website and Math Paper Press.

Shelly says:

I have spent my adult life living in Asia, most recently splitting time between Singapore and Shanghai.  The migrant’s life is a fun one, allowing me time to do the things I love — including reading, writing, cycling, traveling, and just generally enjoying life.

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