Repost: decollection Launches its dark ’til dawn Collection in Shanghai

This is reposted from my old blog.  I’ve imported the whole post, comments and all, into a single space here.  I’ve listed it here under its original date.

decollection Launches its dark ‘til dawn Collection in Shanghai

Monday, November 9, 2009

Over the weekend, decollection launched its first line of collectible art pieces, the dark ‘til dawn series of designer lamps.  Each lamp is hand-painted and designed by decollection’s Peter Zhou around one of my haiku.  There are 30 pieces in the collection.  Each is unique, and comes accompanied by a birth certificate signed by both poet and artist.

You can download this PDF catalog with pictures of each of the lamps and poems.  You can get a bit of a feel for the whole series from those images.


At the launch, I read from my newly released poetry collection Cyborg Chimera.  The book, published by Sam’s Dot Publishing in October 2009, will arrive in Asia later this month.  Several guests at the launch placed advanced orders.


Excerpts from two of the poems from Cyborg Chimera app

ear in the dark ‘til dawn collection, making for an interesting crossover.  the book is a work of speculative poetry, focusing on cyborgs, hybridity, dreams, the subconscious, and questions of freewill and human initiative.  The dark ‘til dawn collection, on the other hand, features only haiku, and aims for a more soothing effect than what is featured in most of the poems in Cyborg Chimera.  Zhou’s lamp designs and paintings help torecontextualize the poems in a way that suits their new setting, showing the versatility of the written word, particularly when engaged across traditional boundaries of language and culture.

The launch of dark ‘til dawn was a 2-day event held at the decollection office.   Of the 30 pieces in the collection, nine were sold at the event.


If you are interested in purchasing one of the lamps, please drop me an email and I can let you know the prices for the lamp, shipping, etc.




© 2009 Shelly Bryant


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