Announcements and Apologies

Announcements first…

I’ve finally got my website going in the direction it will take for the foreseeable future.  The new URL where you can find me is:


And now for apologies…

It appears that my old site might disappear altogether in the very near future.  (Thus the need for the above announcement.)  I’m migrating my old posts, comments and all, over to my new space.  If you got an early jump on following my blog (because demand will be so great for it, maybe?), I have to say sorry for the overload of emails you might have received today.  And for those that will be coming soon as well.  I’ve managed to migrate all of the posts from 2009 over to the new place, but still have to do 2010, 2011, and 2012 up till the most recent posts.  Because of the nature of the old blog’s content, this all has to be done manually.  So, if you are following the blog, it will send you emails as I continue this process.

Again, my apologies.  It’s a hassle.  Please bear with me.  I’ll try to finish it as quickly as I can.



2 Comments to “Announcements and Apologies”

  1. I just finished moving by website from one provider to another and know it can be a hassle in spite of the new possibilities. I hope you like your new place and have a great time making it work.


  2. Hi Malcolm, and thanks for the encouragement. I’ve actually been trying to make myself do this for months. I’m glad I finally got it off the ground.

    Good luck with your new site too!

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