Hit or Miss, November 2012

Here’s what I’ve been reading and viewing for the past month.  (You can click on the links for short reviews or comments I’ve left elsewhere.)


  • The Master (Colm Toibin)
  • The Sun is Not for Us (onstage)
  • The Craft of Gardens (Ji Cheng)
  • Lao She in London (Anne Witchard)
  • Continuous Growth (onstage)
  • Interpreting Another Culture (an unpublished dissertation by Betty Barr)
  • In the Company of Heroes (Verena Tay)

Along with the most recent issues and several back issues of the magazines Scifaikuest, Star*Line, Micro Art, The World of Chinese


Neither Hit Nor Miss

  • The Time Traveler’s Wife (Audrey Niffenegger)
  • 《驴得水》

(both of these two got mixed reviews from me)



So how was October reading and viewing for you?


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