Hit or Miss, April 2013

I think all of my reading lists will be smaller than usual for the rest of this year, or at least through August.  I’ve got several projects going on, and all my reading seems focused on those, for now.

This list is also a little later than I like to be. Maybe I’ll be able to get back on schedule with next month’s. (But no promises!)


  • Treason (Orson Scott Card)
  • Letters from the Earth (Mark Twain)
  • Der Kontrabass (onstage)
  • Dislocations (Chew Kok Chang)

Along with back issues of Aoife’s Kiss


  • no misses!

Neither Hit Nor Miss

  • none for this part of the list either

I always like the all-hit list, even if it is a shorter list than usual.

So how was April reading and viewing for you?

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