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September 1, 2015

Hit or Miss, July and August 2015

Here’s what I was reading and viewing in July and August


  • Three Men in a Boat (Jerome K Jerome)
  • A Red Death (Walter Mosley)
  • Smoke and Mirrors (Neil Gaiman)
  • Dwarf Stars anthology, 2015
  • Black Aperture (Matt Rasmussen) – my review at Thumbnail Reviews
  • Derivative Faith (Jolin Tan)
  • Dragon Blade (movie)
  • Insurgent (movie)
  • The Lifted Veil (George Eliot)
  • The Puppet Masters (Robert Heinlein)
  • Thor (movie)

Recent and back issues of: Lontar, Scifaikuest (x3), Illumen (x2), Star*Line


  • Desolation Row (Kay Kendall)

Neither Hit nor Miss

  • none

I think the read of the month for me was Smoke and Mirrors in July and Black Aperture in August.

So how has recent reading and viewing been for you?