My Prose

See listings of book-length works here

Articles and Essays

In Aoife’s Kiss

  • Interview with Keith Graham (March 2010)
  • Interview with Jennifer Baumer (June 2010)
  • The Flow of Forces in Poetry (March 2011) — an article written with Lily Sun

Balik Kampung, 2A People and Places

  • Enough

In Bakery of the Poets

  • Yong Shu Hoong, a voice for Singapore poetry

In Beyond Centauri

  • “Reading Poetry: the Basics” (reprint)
  • Interview with Lauren McBride (January 2012)
  • A Delicious Treat (October 2012) – a review of David C. Kopaska-Merkel’s Edible Zoo

In Beyond the Concessions

  • The Classical Chinese Garden

In The Cousteau Foundation

  • The Coast of Bolinao

In Esquire Singapore

In Eunoia Review

In ezine articles

  • Publishing Poetry – How to Locate the Markets Where You Can See Your Poems in Print

In FrostFire Worlds

  • It Started with a Word (February 2014)

In 《高峰》(Gaofeng)

  • 《我和翻译的初遇》(June 2016)
  • 《用心聆听》 (August 2016)
  • 《自学华语》(October 2016)
  • 《青红灯》(January 2017)

In Horror Writers’ Association Newsletter

  • The Excesses of Horror (July 2012)
  • The Haunted Poet (October 2012)

In Illumen

  • “Reading Poetry: the Basics” (Autumn ’11)
  • Speculative Poetry’s Place in the Larger Literary Scene (October 2012)
  • Review: Frederick Turner’s Genesis (Autumn ’12)

In Junoesq Literary Journal


In 《联合早报》(Lianhe Zaobao)

In Manoa

  • Watching a Film of the Malay Archipelago

In Outposts of Beyond

  • Feminism in Science Past and Science Future (July 2013)
  • Review: On the Brink of Never (July 2013)
  • Naked (2015)
  • Review of The Steampowered Globe (August 2015)


  • Case Study: Training Programme

In Scifaikuest

  • The Threesome (May 2009, print)
  • In a Minute (August 2011, print)
  • The 4-point (article, February 2012, print)

In Shelter of Daylight

  • Interview with Keith Graham (issue 3)

In Sounds of the Night 

  • Interview with Richard H. Fay (August 2010)

In Things that Disappear (2011)

  • The Land at the End of the Peach Grove (translation)

In Tower of Babel

  • The Lounge Singer

In Words Without Borders

In Xenith

Short Fiction

In Fish Eats Lion

  • Rewrites

In Pathlight

  • Fishbone (2012) – a translation of Sheng Keyi’s short story


  • Sila (April 2014)

In Sloth Jockey

In Words Without Borders

Book Reviews

In Disturbed Digest

  • Review: Spectre by Verena Tay (June 2014)

In Poets at Work

  • Review of Allan Popa’s Drone

In Sloth Jockey

In Thumbnail Reviews and News


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