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January 4, 2010

Repost: Rhysling Eligible Poems (2010)

This is reposted from my old blog.  I’ve imported the whole post, comments and all, into a single space here.  I’ve listed it here under its original date.

Rhysling Eligible Poems, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

With Rhysling nominations open to SFPA members, I thought I would provide a list of my poems that were first published in 2009.

From Cyborg Chimera, a collection published by Sam’s Dot Publishing (poems unpublished before 2009)

Morpheus                                Merlin

A Nightmare’s Whisper           Bill Passed, a Fib

FreeFall                                  Conviction

In Exile                                    Dozer

Orion Out the Window            Watchdog 6.9.2

Unhand Me                            Cyborg Chimera

Avatar                                    Not Programmed That Way

Suffrage                                 Sphinx-Speak

Horrorscope                           Generic

The Sacred, the Savage        Double Helix

Censor Censure Censer        Gone Awry

Id                                            Insomniac

In Aoife’s Kiss

Colonizers (June 2009)

Under Pressure (June 2009)

Fortunes Told (June 2009)

A Note on Her Pillow (December 2009)

In Astropoetica

When the Seeing is Good (Autumn 2009)

In Contemporary Haibun Online

Project (March 2009)

Mr. Lincoln’s Program (June 2009)

In Cover of Darkness (poetry anthology)

Night Falls (May 2009)

In Expressions newsletter

Our Universe Expands (June 2009)

Each Particle Contains the Whole (October 2009)

in early autumn (November 2009)

Night Watch (December 2009)

Ambarvalia (December 2009)

In The Fifth Di…

Dreams of Elsewhere (March 2009)

In The Genesis Project

Visitation (2009)

Men of Renown (2009)

In The Martian Wave

Bypassed (June 2009)

In Mirror Dance

Cave Drawings (Autumn 2009)

Long Compton (Winter 2009)

In Motel 58

Chicago, 1893 (March 2009)

In His Images (March 2009)

In Not One of Us

electrodes hooked up (April 2009)

a bulleted list (October 2009)

In Scifaikuest

Manipulated (May 2009, online)

In Space, Lost (May 2009, print)

always pleased to serve (May 2009, print)

gods who frighten us (August 2009)

Organic Emissary’s Fib (August 2009)

Hide and Seek (August 2009)

beneath icy plains (August 2009)

non-binary codes (August 2009, online)

Harvest Moon (November 2009)

Juno’s Itinerary (November 2009)

elderberry wine (November 2009, online)

In Sloth Jockey

Pellinore’s Dive (Feb 2009)

Faultlines (May 2009)

In Spaceports & Spidersilk

mane proudly shaken (June 2009)

“Manipulated” is the only one that falls in the “long poem” category.  All the rest are below 50 lines.

I will be happy to email the full text of any of these poems to SFPA members upon request.  A few samples are available here.

My contact information:  shellybryant [at] yahoo [dot] com