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March 29, 2017

Working List of Online Resources

I am currently involved in a research project that will explore the intersection of faith and politics (and related issues) that has become so prominent in contemporary American politics, and which has echoes in other parts of the world. I will keep a record of the ongoing research on my blog as I go along.

This list of online resources will be updated as I go along. I won’t offer commentary on any of the resources on this post, though I might comment on some of them in subsequent posts. This post is simply meant as a place to compile resources I come across, and it will be updated regularly.

Michael Hanegan

Churches of Christ Aim to Mend Longstanding Racial Divides

Open Letters on Race Call for Meaningful Engagement

Alt-Right Gathering Exults in Trump Election With Nazi-Era Salute

Race and Reconciliation

Racism Has Its Privileges

In Texas, Christians Seek Racial Unity

White Nationalism Explained

The Most and Least Racially Diverse US Religious Groups

A Micro Political Theology for 2016

Review: Race and Churches of Christ: New book dispels myths (Shattering the Illusion, by Wes Crawford, reviewed by Tania Smith Brice)

Race and the Church (conversation with Tania Smith Brice)

Churches of Christ National Lectureship

Christian Leaders Oppose Trump’s Muslim Ban

White Privilege: Let’s Talk

Trump Turns Apolitical Mennonites into Protestors

How Could So Many Evangelical Christians Support Donald Trump?

Churches should lead the way (and have not) (Fred Gray)

Evangelicals Protesting Trump’s Refugee Ban Talk about their Reasons

The Civil Rights Movement Had One Powerful Tool That We Don’t Have

How Democrats Can Stop Being Perceived as the Abortion Party

Trump Thinks This is Pro-Life?

Christian Leaders Oppose Trump’s “America First” Budget Plan

10 Predictions for Post-Evangelical America

Losing My Religion for Equality (Jimmy Carter)

Religion: an important factor or not in the presidential race

Christian groups oppose Trump’s preference for Christian refugees

The History of the West End Congregation

Consistent Life Network

Churches of Christ and Racism: Time to Listen

Donald Trump’s Rise has Coincided with an Explosion of Hate Groups

Christians’ Support for Trump Undermines their Public Witness

On Russia, Ukraine, and Jeff Sessions

Evangelical Christians protest Trump Muslim ban outside prayer breakfast

The Passion of Southern Christians

What Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Understand About Racism

(White) Reflections on Marching With Black Lives Matter

This is not a race issue, it’s a humanity issue

John McCain Takes on Donald Trump

Donnie McClurkin Tells Christians to Stop Protesting Trump

Prophetic Moral Challenge After National Prayer Breakfast

The 2003 Documentary Born Rich has a Lot to tell us About Ivanka Trump

10 Reasons You Can’t be a Christian and Vote for Donald Trump

Speaking up on the Race Issue in America

Syrian Refugees find ‘second family’ in Canadian church

Franklin Graham Shows How Christians Protesting the Immigration Ban are Wrong

The Christian Community’s Support of Donald Trump Broke My Heart

Story on Race sparks bad and good memories

No Room for Religious Extremism in Singapore

Why Do Christians Stand by Trump?

Where Christian Leaders Stand on Trump’s Refugee Policy

The Christian Outrage Machine: A Counter-Proposal

The Green Book

Why the Christian Right Still Supports Trump

Lutheran refugee agency ‘cautiously hopeful’ following blocked immigration order

On Christian Journalists and Black Lives Matter

9 Reasons My Faith Compels me to Say Black Lives Matter

Race and the Church

Milwaukee Church Transcends Race

Leaders Tackle Questions on Race and the Church

Race and the Church: how far have we come?

Race Reconciliation, the Gospel, and the Church

Conversation after Trayvon Martin Verdict

Gaps in the Christian Echo

Trump’s Budget a Perfect Reflection of Republican Values

Southwestern Christian College